Do you love to make video edits on the go? Different editing platforms have helped you in doing so effortlessly. A decade back or so, you would find it hard to make video edits on your mobile phone. It was advised that you should do the editing work on your PC instead. But things have changed in the past few years. You can make professional video edits on your mobile phone as well, no matter if you own an iOS device or an Android. One of the best applications in this regard is KineMaster

It can be described as a comprehensive video editing software designed for iOS and Android-supported devices. It boasts some of the most exciting features that you can expect from a video editing platform on your device. No matter if you want to make a normal edit or a crisp one, the platform will help you either way. The application includes multiple tools for precise trimming and cutting of audio, text, images, video, and effects. Since you have unprecedented control over your video edits, you will fall in love with this app once you start using it. 

Features Of KineMaster 

As we have already told you, KineMaster comes with a lot of exciting features. Because the application is updated from time to time, these features are updated rapidly too. Let’s take a look at the features below: 

  • Speed Control 

Do you want to increase the speed of the video or calm it down? No matter what your purpose, KineMaster will provide an effective speed control option to you. All you need to do is make the most out of the feature as per your requirements. 

  • Themes 

Do you want to make your video edit considering a particular theme? KineMaster provides various themes to go about things. You have to choose the theme that works best for you. If you think a dark theme is going to be suited for the video, you can go about things that way. But in case you want to keep things under a lighter tone, that’s very much a possibility as well. KineMaster will provide you with plenty of options to do things as per your mood. 

  • Real-Time Recording 

If you want to make real-time edits, you can do real-time recording here. This will be a major benefit when you get a great idea out of nowhere and you don’t want to wait too long before making an edit. So you record the video and start editing it before you forget what the idea was. This may happen when you have too many things going on in your life. But editing videos on KineMaster will keep the fun moments flowing through smoothly. 

  • Frame-By-Frame Trimming 

KineMaster can help you make professional edits in such a manner that you can edit the videos frame-by-frame too. This is a great feature because you can change anything that’s even slightly wrong about the video. This is the day and age where short videos are trending like nothing else in the world. In such videos, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned. Therefore, you can consider editing the videos frame-by-frame. 

  • Different Effects 

There are so many effects that you can use for editing purposes. You may also put in different audios to give a more unique feel to the videos. The stickers are available in plenty too, which you can use at different intervals throughout the edit. Moreover, there are multiple layers, overlays, transition effects and audio filters to make your edits more convincing. Once you’re sure that the edit has been made smoothly, you can share it on social media platforms.