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Name KineMaster Pro
Supported Platforms Windows, macOS & Android
Last Updated August 2023
Category Video Editing Tool
Installs  1,220,000+ (monthly)


System Requirements For KineMaster Pro For PC 

No matter if you’re using a Mac OS or Windows OS, you have to maintain certain system requirements. Let’s take a look into them one by one: 

  • First of all, you should be using Operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 8, and 10. Anything below this won’t be suitable for the app.
  • You should look to have 2 processors in the system for KineMaster Pro. It will help in running the application and the edit works smoothly. 
  • The dual-core processor will lead you to export high-quality videos without any issues or interruptions.
  • You need to maintain a minimum RAM of 2GB, especially when you need to edit high-definition videos. 

All in all, KineMaster Pro is an upgrade from the normal version of the application. If you want to make the most out of this application, you should maintain good features on your PC. The application will work wonders to create professional edits, you just need to know how to extract the important qualities from the application! 

How to install KineMaster on your devices

If you need to download KineMaster to your PC, you have to follow the steps that we have mentioned below:

  • You have to click on the download button for the latest version of KineMaster that we have given here below. It will take some time for the application to be downloaded and installed on your PC. 
  • In case you don’t have an emulator yet, you need to download that too. You can either go for BlueStacks or Nox Player, both are quality applications to make video edits. We have given the link for both of them here below. 
  • It will take a few minutes to download and install the emulator. Wait for the process to be completed. 
  • Once you’re done downloading and installing both the software, you will see the KineMaster logo on your desktop. You can start running it. If you’re confused about how the application is supposed to be used, we will get to that part as well. 

Features Of KineMaster Pro

First of all, we will have to look at the features of this application. There are various amazing things about this platform. We will discuss these features one by one here: 

  • Without The Watermark 

When you’re making professional edits, one thing that you would like to make sure of is to remove that watermark from it. That can be made possible only with the help of KineMaster Pro. 

There’s no point in making crisp edits with the KineMaster logo dropping on the bottom of the screen. It ruins the edit in many ways and tones down its features. Therefore, you should consider going for KineMaster Pro. This application will help in saving edits without the watermark. This will make the video look clean and professional. 

  • Different Types Of Fonts 

Fonts make your edits look more classy. You should know the right kind of font for the right kind of edits. When you edit videos on the normal version of KineMaster, you won’t get this feature to the same extent. But the scope of KineMaster Pro is huge. The number of fonts is much more here, which can be applied to your videos and photos to add more depth to your edits. 

  • Addition Of Transition Effects 

If you need to make a short video, you would like to add all sorts of transition effects to give it a unique feel. KineMaster Pro will provide you with all kinds of transition effects. You may add those transition effects as you desire. You should take your time while making the edits. Taking things slowly and steadily will help you reap benefits once the video editing is completed. 

  • Preview Option 

If you need to review your work before you put it out, the preview option is going to be the best choice for you. Before you export the work, you need to see if the changes are needed in the edit or not. You can check the video frame-by-frame and see what changes can be brought to it. When you’re making professional edits, you should look into each minute detail for the best results. 

  • Multiple Videos Combined 

Do you need to make a compilation of different videos? KineMaster Pro will set things straight in this regard as well. You may also add different images to the edit, as per the need of the hour. One video can also be cut into many parts and can be split into many videos. You have to see what you want from the video and make the changes accordingly.